2nd Landing Site Workshop for the 2020 Mars Rover mission

  Tuesday, August 4, 2015
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8:30-9:40 am Introduction
Welcome, Opening Remarks, Logistics (10 mins)     M. Meyer, J. Grant, M. Golombek 
The process for selecting the Mars 2020 mission landing site (15 mins)      J. Grant and M. Golombek 
2020 Mission Project Status (15 mins)      M. Wallace and J. McNamee 
2020 Mission Science Objectives, Site Evaluation Criteria, and Caching Considerations (30 mins)      K. Farley 
09:40-12:15 pm Mars 2020 Project and Program Engineering Assessment:
Process Overview and Schedule (5 mins)      A. Chen 
Terrain Characterization, Approach, and Results (20 mins)      M. Golombek and J. Ashley 
Landing Safety Assessment - EDL, Atmosphere, and Terrain Charactgerization(45 mins)      A. Chen, M. Mischna, et al. 
Surface Productivity Assessment (45 mins)         J. Trosper and M. Heverly 
Planetary Protection (10 mins)      D. Bernard 
Landing Site Considerations Related to the Potential Sample Retrieval and Launch Mission (10 mins)      A. Nicholas 
Summary Assessment of Top Nine Sites from First 2020 Landing Site Workshop (10 mins)      A. Chen and J. Trosper 
Discussion (10 mins)     
1:25-2:20 pm Overview Science Talks:
Input from Attendees at the AbSciCon and MetSoc Conferences (20 mins)      D. Beaty and L. Hays 
Recurring Slope Lineae Near 202 Candidate Landing Sites (15 mins)      A. McEwen, C. Dundas, et al. 
Crater Count Constraints on Radiolysis of Complex Organic Matter at 2020 Candidiate Sites (10 mins)  E. Kite 
Importance of Scarp Retreat in Creating Recent Exposures (10 mins)      M. Rice 
Prior Landing Sites and Final Candidate Sites: (2:20-3:50 pm)
Mars Landing + 50 Years: Lessons from Social Decisions and Selection of the First Viking Landing, Considerations for Mars 2020 Re-Visit (20 mins)      W. Farrell 
Gusev Crater: A Geologically Diverse, Engineering Safe Site with Evidence for Past Habitable Environments and Potential Biosignatures (20 mins)  S. Ruff, J. Rice, and A. Longo 
Phases of Erosion and deposition recorded in Holden crater outcrops (20 mins)      R. Irwin, J. Wray, and J. Grant 
Discussion (30 mins)     
3:50-5:40 pm Habitable Environments in Ancient Aqueous Settings 1/strong>
Eberswalde Crater: Habitability and Geologic Diversity (20 mins)      M. Rice 
Deltaic Deposits in Magong Crater, Xanthe Terra (20 mins)      E. Hauber, K. Kinch, et al. 
Exploring the Volcanic, Alteration and Fluvio-Lacustrine History of Early Mars at the Jezero Crater Paleolake (20 mins)      T. Goudge, B. Ehlmann, et al. 
Eridania Basin: Studying the Sed. Sequence of an Ancient Paleolake with the Mars 2020 rover (20 mins)      M.Pajola, S. Rossato, et al. 
Discussion (30 mins)     
5:40 pm End of Day 1
  Wednesday, August 5, 2015 8:30 am Pacific
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8:30-10:20 am Habitable Environments in Acient Aqueous Settings II
Investigation of Layered Sediments and Clays at a Proposed Landing Site in Ladon Valles (20 mins)  C. Weitz, J. Bishop, and J. Grant 
Exploring Hadriacus Palus: A Record of Diverse Geologic Process in the Cratered Highlands (20 mins)      J. Skinner, C. Fortezzo, et al. 
From Primitive Martian Crust to Sulfate-Rich Sediments in Coprates Chasma, Valles Marineris (20 mins)      C. Quantin, B. Bultel and J. Carter 
Accessible Regions of Interest within Southwestern Melas Basin for Exploration and Sample Collection by the 2020 Mars Rover (20 mins)      R. Williams, C. Weitz, et al. 
Discussion (30 mins)     
10:20-12:00 pm Candidate Landing Sites NW of Isidis Basin I
Serpentinization Sites - An Additional Criteria to Select Samples for Return to Earth (10 mins)  B. Bruner 
Deciphering the Spectral Evidence for Serpentinization of Martian Basement Materials (20 mins)  A. Brown, C. Beck, et al. 
Ancient Crustal Stratigraphy in the Nili Fossae Trough: Clays, Carbonates, Impacts, and Volcanics (20 mins)      K. Cannon, J. Mustard, et al. 
Southern Nili Fossae Trough: Examination of in situ Carbonate-Bearing Layers and Habitability in an Ancient Hydrothermal Environment (20 mins)      C. Viviano-Beck, A. Brown, et al. 
Discussion (30 mins)     
1:15-2:45 pm Candidate Landing Sites NW of Isidis Basin II
Nili Fossae Carbonates: Solving the Carbonate PUzzle and Examining Olivine from Primitive Melts or Mantle (20 mins)      B. Ehlmann, C. Edwards, et al. 
Multiple Habitable Environments across the Noachian-Hesperian Environmental Transition: Phyllosilicates, Carbonate, Sulfates, and Multiple Igneous Unites in Stratigraphy at the Isidis-Syrtis Major Contact (20 mins)      J. Mustard, B. Ehlmann, et al. 
Pinpointing Habitability in Nili Patera's Hydrothermal Field (20 mins)      J. Skok, P. Fawdon, et al. 
Discussion (30 mins)     
2:45-4:35 pm Mawrth Vallis and Vicinity 
Mawrth Vallis as a Candidate Landing Site for Mars 2020 (20 mins)      D. Loizeau 
Oyama Crater as a Candidate Landing Site for Mars 2020 (20 mins)      D. Loizeau 
Geology of McLaughlin Crater: Ancient Lacustrine Sediments with Stratigraphic Control and High Biomarker Preservation Potential (20 mins)      J. Michalski, and P. Niles 
From Noachian to Amazonian, Clays, Sediments, and Igneous Rocks in Oxia Planum (20 mins)      P. Thollot, C. Quantin, and J. Carter 
Discussion (30 mins)     
4:35-5:35 pm Chloride and Sites
The Long-Term Preservation Potential of Organics in Martian Halite (20 mins)      M. Fries 
Candidate Chloride-Bearing Landing Sites for Mars 2020 (20 mins)      M. Salvatore 
Discussion (30 mins)     
  Thursday, August 6, 2015 8:30 am Pacific
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Hypanis, a deltanic-lacustrine sedimentary system at the edge of a Chryse sea? (20 mins)      S. Gupta, E. Sefton-Nash, et al. 
8:50-10:15am Summary of Sites (Single Slide) and Discussion    M. Golombek, and J. Grant 
10:15-12:00 pm Discussion and Ranking of the Candidate Sites    M. Golombek, J. Grant 


Landing Site Workshop: John Grant (grantj@si.edu), Matthew Golombek (mgolombek@jpl.nasa.gov)