Welcome to the official website for scientific community support of landing site selection for the Mars 2020 Rover mission (https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/mission/rover/). Information provided here includes details on science criteria for evaluating potential landing sites, specific engineering constraints, possible enhanced entry, descent and landing (EDL) capabilities, planetary protection guidelines, and information needed to define a landing site for the workshops and subsequent imaging.

The 4th landing site workshop is scheduled for Tuesday-Thursday, October 16-18, 2018 at the Hilton Los Angeles North/Glendale (Glendale, CA). Further information will be posted on this website as it becomes available this summer.

The 3rd landing site workshop for the 2020 Mars Rover mission was held at the Doubletree Hotel, Monrovia, CA, on February 8-10, 2017. The primary goal of the third workshop was to further evaluate the eight candidate landing sites that emerged from the second workshop and reduce the number of candidate sites remaining under consideration to three or four. Evaluations at the workshop employed the framework provided by existing data for Mars (e.g., MRO), the science requirements of the 2020 mission, and a better understanding of the 2020 engineering requirements and traversability of the landing sites relative to these requirements. Three sites were selected to continue as landing site candidates: Jezero Crater, NE Syrtis, and Columbia Hills. The letter describing the process and results of the workshop, sent from the Mars 2020 Landing Site Steering Committee Co-Chairs (John Grant and Matt Golombek) to the NASA Mars Lead Scientist (Michael Meyer), can be found here. The letter describing the Mars 2020 project’s revised list of candidate landing sites for the mission, sent from the 2020 Mars Project Scientists (Ken Farley and Ken Williford) to the NASA Mars Lead Scientist (Michael Meyer), can be found here. For more information about the three remaining landing site candidates, please see workshop presentations and this brief overview.

The agenda from the 3rd landing site workshop, with presentation files, can be found at the meeting page (i.e., see left menu bar: 3rd workshop). Additional information on the science criteria of the eight candidate sites can be found on the background page (see left bar), as well as information about the down-selection process. See prior meeting pages to view presentations from those meetings, including science presentations and information about how the 2020 engineering constraints relate to these eight (and other) candidate 2020 landing sites.


Landing Site Workshop: John Grant (grantj@si.edu), Matthew Golombek (mgolombek@jpl.nasa.gov)