Letter summarizing the Findings of the May 2014 Mars Landing Site Workshop from J. A. Grant, and M. Golombek.

  May 2014 Workshop, Washington DC Area
Title Author
Day 1 - Wednesday, May 14, 2014
1:00 pm Introduction (1 hour)
Welcome, Opening Remarks, Logistics (15 mins)  M. Meyer, J. A. Grant, and M. Golombek 
The process for selecting the Mars 2020 mission landing site (15 mins) J. A. Grant, and M. Golombek 
Overview of the Mars 2020 Mission (30 mins)  K. Farley 
02:00 pm Mars 2020 Engineering Constraints (2 hours)
Mars 2020 Project Context (20 mins)  M. Wallace, A. Chen, et al. 
EDL Engineering Constraints (40 mins)  A. Chen, et al. 
Mars 2020 Surface Operability (40 mins)  D. Bernard and M. Wilson 
Current status of landing site imaging (20 mins)  M. Golombek & J. Grant 
4:00 pm Overivew Science Talks (1 hour)
Microbially induced sedimentary structures - biosignatures in aquatic settings on Mars (20 mins)  N. Noffke 
In-situ age dating at the Mars2020 site: The importance of establishing Martian chronology (20 mins)  B. J. Thomson 
The Importance of Land-on Science for Answering Key Questions about Early Mars with the Mars2020 mission (20 mins)  B. L. Ehlmann 
Day 2 - Thursday, May 15, 2014
8:30 am Habitable Environments in the Martian Subsurface: (2 hours and 40 minutes)
Targeting Habitable Subsurface Environments with Mars 2020 (20 mins) J. Michalski, et al. 
Mawrth Vallis: probing the early Mars Habitability (20 mins) D. Loizeau, N. Mangold, et al. 
Oxia Planum, Mars 2020 landing site candidate region (20 mins)  P. Thollot, C. Quantin, et al. 
Nili Fossae Trough: Exploring the Earliest Noachian (20 mins)  J. F. Mustard, B. L. Ehlmann, et al. 
Nili Fossae Carbonates: Solving the Carbonate Puzzle and Examining Olivine from Primitive Melts or Mantle (20 mins)  B. L. Ehlmann, C. S. Edwards, et al. 
NE Syrtis Major, a Record of the Noachian-Hesperian Environmental Transition: Clays, Carbonates, Sulfates, and Multiple Igneous Units in Stratigraphy (20 mins)  J. F. Mustard, B. L. Ehlmann, et al. 
Pinpointing Habitability in Nili Patera's Hydrothermal Field (20 mins)  J. R. Skok, J. F. Mustard, et al. 
Hydrothermal activity in the circum-Hellas region. A hydrothermal site for Mars 2020 (20 mins)  E. Z. Noe Dobrea, D. A. Crown, et al. 
11:10 am Candidate Landing Sites in and Near the Chasmata: (1 hour)
Candidate Landing Sites in Valles Marineris: Ancient and Modern Habitability (20 mins)  H. Miyamoto, G. Komatsu, et al. 
In Situ investigation of the Southwestern Melas Basin (20 mins)  R. M. E. Williams, C. M. Weitz, et al. 
The Unique rock diversity exposed in Coprates Chasma (20 mins)  C. Quantin, B. Bultel, et al. 
12:10 pm Lunch (1 hour)
01:10 pm Candidate Landing Sites at Paleo-Deltas and Paleo-Lakes (3 hours and 35 minutes)
Hypanis delta (Xanthe Terra) system as a landing site for the Nasa 2020 Rover (20 mins)  S. Gupta, P. Fawdon, et al. 
Eberswalde Delta in Margaritifer Terra (20 mins)  R. Irwin III 
Jezero Crater Delta: Reading the Geochemical Record of Clay-Carbonate Sedimentation (20 mins)  B. L. Ehlmann, T. Goudge, et al. 
Investigation of Layered Sediments and Clays at a Proposed Landing Site in Ladon Valles (20 mins)  C. Weitz, J. Bishop, and J. A. Grant 
Landing at the Terminus of Sabrina Vallis (20 mins)  T. Platz, E. Hauber, et al. 
The volcanic resurfacing of a heavily altered aqueous environment in Kashira crater: Constraints on geologic history and the preservation of habitable environments (20 mins)  M. Salvatore, R. Goudge, et al. 
Aqueous Chloride and Phyllosilicate Mineral Formation and Biosignature Preservation in Ancient, Channeled Terrains: An Example in Eastern Margaritifer Terra (20 mins)  P. Christensen, V. Hamilton, et al. 
Hadriacus Palus as 2020 Mars Mission Landing Site: Massif-Bound Intercrater Basin on the Northern Hellas Rim (20 mins)  J. A. Skinner, C. M. Fortezzo, C. M., et al. 
Firsoff Crater (15 mins)  M. Pondrelli & L. Le Deit 
4:30 pm Discussion (1 hour)
Day 3 - Friday, May 16, 2014
08:30 am Landing Where Some Have Gone Before: (1 hour and 40 minutes)
A Second Field Season on Mars: The Merits of Returning to Gusev Crater for a Sample Caching Mission (20 mins)  S. W. Ruff, N. A. Cabrol, et al. 
The Importance of the Mars 2020 Mission and Gusev Crater (20 mins)  A. Longo 
A Treasure Trove in Them Thar Columbia Hills: Hydrothermal Deposits, Carbonates, Hesperian Lava Flows and More (20 mins)  J. Rice 
Rational for Considering Additional Prior Landing Sites and Candidate Landing Site Finalists for MSL (10 mins)  R. Zurek 
Gale Crater, Meridiani Planum, Holden Crater (30 mins)  J. Grant, M. Golombek, R. Irwin 
10:10 am Discussion (30 Minutes) M. Golombeck and J. Grant 
12:00 pm End of Workshop

  February 2012 Workshop

First Landing Site Workshop Agenda    
 Workshop: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:30 AM EST

Title Author
8:30 am Introduction (1 hour)
Welcome and Status of the Possible 2018 Joint Rover Program (15 mins)  Michael Meyer and Jorge Vago 
Imaging candidate landing site using orbital assets (15 mins)  Rich Zurek 
Introduction and Goals of the Workshop (15 mins)  John Grant 
Imaging of End-2-End MEPAG SAG Reference Landing Sites (15 mins)  Matt Golombek 
09:30 am Candidate Landing Sites in the Chasmata (45 minutes, 15 minutes each talk)
A 2018 Rover Mission to Aqueous Deposits in the Melas Chasma Basin  Rebecca M. E. Williams and C. M. Weitz 
The First GY of Martian History and Its Diverse Environments Exposed in Coprates Chasma, Valles Marineris  Cathy Quantin 
Juventae Chasm and Ladon Basin  Cathy Weitz 
10:15 am Sedimentary Rocks and Rocks at Candidate Landing Sites (45 minutes, 15 minutes each talk)
Sedimentary and possible volcanic materials at a landing site in Xanthe Terra  Ernst Hauber and Laetitia Le Deit 
Landing Sites at Firsoff Crater (with notes on Holden Crater)  Monica Pondrelli 
Landing in Schiaparelli Crater  Graziella Caprarelli 
11:00 am Discussion (30 Minutes)
12:30 pm Geochemical Indicators at Candidate Landing Sites (1 hours, 45 minutes, 15 minutes each talk)
Should the Deep Crust be our Primary Astrobiological Target for Mars? Observations from Leighton Crater and Other Sites  Joe Michalski 
Exploring the Mawrth Vallis Stratigraphy South of 20N  Bill Farrand, Jim Rice, and Eldar Noe Dobrea 
Fe-Mg clays, Al-clays, and sulfates in the northern Mawrth Vallis Region  Joe Michalski 
Nili Fossae Trough  J. Mustard, B. Ehlmann, et al. 
Analysis of Phyllosilicate-bearing outcrops and their relationship to olivine- and pyroxene-bearing rocks at a proposed landing site at Libya Montes  J.L. Bishop, D. Tirsch, and L. Tornabene 
Northeast Syrtis  J. Mustard, B. Ehlmann, et al. 
Carbonate-bearing crustal exposure in an impact crater associated with an outflow channel south-east of Eos Mensa  Harold Clenet 
2:15 pm Discussion (30 minutes)
2:45 pm Possible Hydrothermal and Ice Indicators at Landing Sites (1 hour, 15 minutes, 15 minutes each)
Hydrothermal Alteration in the NW Hellas Region  Eldar Noe Dobrea 
The Silica-Rich hydrothermal Deposits of the Columbia Hills  Jim Rice 
Potential Future Landing Site in Quartz and Hydrated-Silica Bearing Terrain Near Antoniadi Crater  Matt Smith 
A Candidate Landing Site in Cerberus Palus  Graziella Caprarelli 
Characterization of a mid-latitude ice-rich landing site on Mars to enable in situ habitability studies  J. Heldmann, L. R. Schumeier, et al. 
4:00 pm Discussion (30 minutes)
4:30 pm Overall Discussion and Ranking of High vs. Low Priority Sites (30 minutes)
5:00 pm End of Workshop


Landing Site Workshop: John Grant (grantj@si.edu), Matthew Golombek (mgolombek@jpl.nasa.gov)